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Dare to Lead - Restart 2019

Before arriving in Važec, I was surrounded by various feelings. To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure whether this Restart is for me. The topic Dare to lead seemed too specific. I didn’t know if it would give me something since I had never thought about leading. In spite of this I decided to go because I was curious about how this training looks like and I hoped it could give me something useful for my life with the Lord.

Only two of us came from the Bratislava group. The problem was that my character is not really made for situations where there are too many new faces at once. When I need to come out of my shell, meet and fit in with others who have known each other a lot longer, I start to panic. I needed to overcome myself and when I wanted to get something out of the training, I needed to do it quickly.

The FEUER Conference 2018


1st November: Coma Ruga. A larger coastal village that was about to be the centre of the events for our four-person expedition over the following 4 days and nights. When we got off the shuttle train from Barcelona airport, we met our Belgian friends who were also heading to the FEUER conference and I had met this summer at Formación in Poland.

The core of the conference is usually the training of university Bible study leaders with a focus on preparing an evangelistic talk. The more than 150 participants were divided into groups of six or seven and the aim of the following days was to showcase the talk on his or her own within the small group. The topic had to be connected to some part of Mark’s gospel. Afterwards, a “simulation” was run, as the group members got into the students’ shoes and asked questions. The last part was feedback and a discussion highlighting the positives and pointing out the gaps that needed to be filled. Beatka and Baška took part in the Seekers Bible Study workshop.

28th VBH National Conference - Adopted into a family


The topic of the 28th-VBH national conference was "Adopted into a family" and the atmosphere at the conference was really family-like. Most of the participants were students from various VBH groups. They came to share their desire to spread the gospel amongst their fellow students. It was very inspiring and encouraging to hear their ideas and learn about the events they organized and also to see God's guidance and grace in their mission. There were also graduates present at the conference and I was one of them. It is special to see students and graduates sharing their experiences in ministry and praying together for the good news to be spread amongst students.

Lecture - Is this God ?!

Evening with testimony – My story

We prayed in Prešov before the arrival of the Paynes that Peter`s words would reach the hearts of the students. We also prayed for practical things like the room for the meeting, help from the students with preparations and their participation in sharing of the gospel. My personal favorite part was inviting the students. In small groups of 2-3 people we knocked at the doors of students’ dorm rooms. At first, I was anxious about it, a little afraid of rejection and I was concerned what the students who know me will think about me (my roommates, for example). But as soon as another member of our group in Prešov arrived, I was very glad to see her. When we went to pray for the students invitations, she told me: „Silvi, I don`t feel I can do this at all.” At that point I was even more glad that we could go and I hugged her. So we went and it was amazing.

Universe: chance or purpose?

The first Monday in March a Canadian doctor of philosophy Peter Payne had a lecture in Košice. The topic: “The Origin of Space - a coincidence or an intention”, was very interesting, not just for students of physics. I have been thinking about the origin of the universe many times although my profession is not connected with physics at all. A few days before the event, we invited students at dormitories and the faculties of the university. We offered them a cake and an invitation to a lecture. The responses were very positive in many cases, which we have not expected. Some students who have not yet heard about VBH have shown real interest. I can see that even through this it is possible to see the work of God in the dormitory and in the universities, and especially in the hearts of the students.

Testimony from winter RESTART

Vazec 2018When Timo invited me to the Restart at Važec organised by VBH, I had some mixed feelings. I did not feel like going because I did not know anyone else beside Timo. At first, three of our small group in Žilina were planning to go; but then I found out only Timo was going so I decided to go with him. On the first day that we came I felt like a stranger among all of the people. The next day, in the morning, the Lord helped me realise I was not a stranger at all; they were all my brothers and sisters and I did not need to feel rejected; on the contrary, I felt like we were one big family.

How it was at ´Extreme Following´ conference

The 27th VBH conference took place in Veľký Slavkov on the 16th-17th October. The Lord prepared two blessed days filled with prayers, Bible study, worship and personal testimonies for us in the International Lutheran youth centre – Ichtys. We were thinking about the serious words of Jesus: ´Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life´ (John 12,25 ESV).

The timetable started with worship and prayers. Slavomír Slávik, the director of The Slovak Evangelism Centre and the main conference speaker, described the characteristics of a true disciple of Christ. He went through some true principles about following Jesus according to the Gospel of John 8,1-11. Martin Vígľaš introduced the conference participants to some practical tools for creating high-quality materials suitable for publicising VBH groups. Saturday afternoon belonged to Igor Pogran, who shared his inspiring life story with us in a captivating style. His testimony about his experiences of sharing the gospel with his schoolmates and then colleagues was full of evidence about God´s desire to save everyone from perishing. A discussion about extremism with Miroslav Kocúr filled the first half of Saturday evening which continued with prayers for persecuted Christians from all over the world.

26 th VBH National Conference

The 26 th VBH National Conference took place from the 21 st – 23 rd of October in Velky Slavkov. The conference was not big in mumbers but most of the participants were students who desire to know Christ and to do His work which we are thankful for. The main speaker was Peter Hrubo from Zilina who used to work for VBH and who currently leads a team of workers and missionaries in Training Centre Kompas. The main theme of the Conference was: SEND IT FORWARD. What is the thing we should SEND? What do we need in order to be able spread Christ’s message? The speaker built his talks on Matthew 28,16-20.

News after the Time to talk - Discovery project

"„At thiscamp I learntwhoGodreallyis and what He didformepersonally. I alsorealized I do nothave to payfor my sinsbecause He diditallforme. All I have to do is to followHim. I amalsothankful I got to knowgreatpeople and I hope I willbeable to comenextyear as well.“"


VBH winter training OBJAVUJ 2016 "Read the Bible with seekers."

Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.“ (John 20,21)

Jesus did not send a bunch of trained missionaries to do mission at campus. The missionaries he sent are inexperienced students who are often afraid and young in their faith, but they put their trust in Christ. They are the ones Jesus decided to send out, in the same way he sent scared disciples more than 2000 years ago. They are His ambassadors and they bring His word – the living Christ to university.