26 th VBH National Conference

The 26 th VBH National Conference took place from the 21 st – 23 rd of October in Velky Slavkov. The conference was not big in mumbers but most of the participants were students who desire to know Christ and to do His work which we are thankful for. The main speaker was Peter Hrubo from Zilina who used to work for VBH and who currently leads a team of workers and missionaries in Training Centre Kompas. The main theme of the Conference was: SEND IT FORWARD. What is the thing we should SEND? What do we need in order to be able spread Christ’s message? The speaker built his talks on Matthew 28,16-20.

We learnt about three types of passion: Love towards people, because each person belongs to God and is worthy of salvation. Each situation can lead to sharing the gospel, which means that even in the midst of difficulties, we can find a way to rejoice and to spread God’s love. Love towards God-each day we are to get to know God more and more. The more we get to know God, the more we learn about his unfailing goodness, love and grace towards us. We were also reminded of Jesus’ command to send it forward to spread the news of the gospel and to spread what we ourselves have obtained by grace and to make disciples of all nations, because he promised to stay with us to the end of the days. Seminars were also part of the conference this year. They enriched the program and helped our spiritual growth as well. This year there was also a practical part of the conference. In small groups we set off to Poprad (a nearby town) and we asked young people if they have ever heard about God and we tried to share the gospel with the.

I am glad that we were able to meet as a group of young people working for Christ and share our experience from different groups and encourage one another.