Dare to Lead - Restart 2019

Before arriving in Važec, I was surrounded by various feelings. To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure whether this Restart is for me. The topic Dare to lead seemed too specific. I didn’t know if it would give me something since I had never thought about leading. In spite of this I decided to go because I was curious about how this training looks like and I hoped it could give me something useful for my life with the Lord.

Only two of us came from the Bratislava group. The problem was that my character is not really made for situations where there are too many new faces at once. When I need to come out of my shell, meet and fit in with others who have known each other a lot longer, I start to panic. I needed to overcome myself and when I wanted to get something out of the training, I needed to do it quickly.

The Lord helped me a lot with this. He showed me that there are people around me who love Him. I saw people of my own age who had given their lives to Him, who want to resemble Him and get closer to His words. Those people were filled with God’s love and embraced me with it. They didn’t allow me to feel like an outsider for which I am very grateful. The time together was intense. In the morning as well as in the afternoon, we dug into God’s word, 2 Timothy to be precise.
I’ve learnt how to study the Bible inductively – that’s using the method when we ask the basic questions, and then we ask why, why, why. It is a very good way of studying. I enjoyed every little thing which I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. And there were many.

The topic of leadership gave me more than I expected. A good leader doesn’t need to be “strong”. The Lord’s power is presented through our weakness. Also, Paul in the letter to Philippians says: I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” When we give ourselves to Christ and we will be ready to fulfil His will, He will strengthen us and will not let us fall. I am a person who likes to be led, who doesn’t need the
stress or great responsibility in life, yet in Važec the Lord has shown me that the life of a Christian is not a walk in the
garden, that we need to carry our responsibilities, join God’s work and show people around us whom we belong to.

During Restart we didn’t talk about the differences in the churches we attend. I had feared the differences with people who visit different Churches than I do. However, I quickly understood that the common wish was to tell the students about God is greater. We wanted to spread the good news about Jesus Christ, about how to walk with Him and about how to lead correctly. I left filled with Gods word, with the intention to change something in my life, and maybe with a bit more courage.

For me, Restart was a wonderful experience for which I am very very grateful.