Lecture - Is this God ?!

Evening with testimony – My story

We prayed in Prešov before the arrival of the Paynes that Peter`s words would reach the hearts of the students. We also prayed for practical things like the room for the meeting, help from the students with preparations and their participation in sharing of the gospel. My personal favorite part was inviting the students. In small groups of 2-3 people we knocked at the doors of students’ dorm rooms. At first, I was anxious about it, a little afraid of rejection and I was concerned what the students who know me will think about me (my roommates, for example). But as soon as another member of our group in Prešov arrived, I was very glad to see her. When we went to pray for the students invitations, she told me: „Silvi, I don`t feel I can do this at all.” At that point I was even more glad that we could go and I hugged her. So we went and it was amazing. Some of the students were less talkative, took the invitation card from us and thanked, others shared their thoughts and opinions on God. We asked them who Jesus Christ is for them and we wanted to be steadfast, but we also showed understanding if somebody didn`t want to answer. We wanted to give them some space to think about God. It was great for me to see members of our group who had never done the invitations before, going and learning.

evening with the Paynes was a great blessing for all of us. The talk on topic of suffering was very profound and demanding. Many of the students had a lot of questions about it in relation with God that they asked publicly, but I am sure they asked each other as well. I believe that God used this time to plant many seeds to the hearts of the students…
On Wednesday Janet, Peter`s wife, held a workshop at Didactics of English lesson. This was a great contribution to the quality of the lesson, an opportunity to share the Parable of the Good Samaritan and to invite students to our further actions.
On Wednesday evening two men of God shared their stories. The Gospel was spoken clearly and touched the hearts of those who listened. Both men shared their experience with suffering and how Jesus helped them. We could feel God`s grace and goodness. The most powerful thing was that we could see how God can act in lives of people and use even suffering for His glory. Students were listening with interest, asked questions and later we had interesting discussions, and even prayers. I believe that God will use the events of this evening in lives of many people who were present.

Silvi and Kristy