News after the Time to talk - Discovery project

"„At thiscamp I learntwhoGodreallyis and what He didformepersonally. I alsorealized I do nothave to payfor my sinsbecause He diditallforme. All I have to do is to followHim. I amalsothankful I got to knowgreatpeople and I hope I willbeable to comenextyear as well.“"

Discovery Project went really well this year. It took place from the 10th to the 16th of July in Mníchovskýpotok near Bardejov. We welcomed participants by playing volleyball with them as we were trying to help them feel at ease in the new environment amongst so many new faces.

Each participant joined one of our five Bible Study Groups and this helped us to get to know them better and to work in teams. Each group came up with a special name for their team (Some of them were really inventive and funny) and we competed in many crazy competitions. We watched a film together and we went on a hike as well. The Brits endedup seeing most of Slovakia on the hike (the hike was not so long but they are just not used to hiking....:-)) and we also danced Slovak and British dances...

All the activities provided space for participants to practice their English and we also had some really good English lessons. It was great to see how quickly (inspite of Brexit :) )- Slovak-British friendships were formed and even those students who struggled with their English started communicating. We are so thankful to all the Brits for their patience and their willingness to speak slowly and in a simple way.

Even though we had a great time in all these activities, this camp was special in another more precious way. Bible studies in John’s gospel provided a space for us to discover Jesus Christ together and to consider what kind of life He offers to all of us. Furthermore, students who were on team made themselves very vulnerable for the sake of the gospel and shared very personal things in their testimonies. They shared with us what kind of lives they lived before they made a decision to follow Jesus and what Jesus did in their lives. Many questions and conversations followed. We were so glad to see how open and honest students were and some of them expressed their desire to know God and to follow Jesus.

A week of English conversation with British students