Talks and debates on current topics with Dr. Peter Payne


On the week starting March 24th 2014 we welcomed back to Slovakia Dr. Peter Payne and his wife Janet. Together they visited Banska Bystrica and Nitra, where they partnered with students in holding discussions.


The theology department in Banska Bystrica invited Peter to lead a session on ‘Evangelism to Sceptics’, on the morning of 25th March. It was an opportunity also to build a greater awareness of the VBH group and encourage the students to invite their non Christian friends to the evening event.

The evening event was part of the group’s ‘ponorka project’ and the theme that Peter was asked to speak on was Homosexuality. You can read more about this event here, but it was encouraging that non Christians came and felt comfortable and happy to engage in discussion as well.

The following day Peter and Janet travelled to Nitra where in the evening Peter spoke on the topic of Suffering. This theme chosen by the student group was a good choice, as many non Christians also came to the auditorium to listen. This was also a good opportunity for the group to invite students along to their bible studies and other events.

Finally Peter spent time with the group on the following morning, where the group asked him to talk on How to share the Gospel without being Pushy. This was a nice time where there was space also to share personal experiences on this topic.

We are very grateful that Peter and Janet could come and serve the groups in this way, as they have done over a number of years now.