Testimony from winter RESTART

Vazec 2018When Timo invited me to the Restart at Važec organised by VBH, I had some mixed feelings. I did not feel like going because I did not know anyone else beside Timo. At first, three of our small group in Žilina were planning to go; but then I found out only Timo was going so I decided to go with him. On the first day that we came I felt like a stranger among all of the people. The next day, in the morning, the Lord helped me realise I was not a stranger at all; they were all my brothers and sisters and I did not need to feel rejected; on the contrary, I felt like we were one big family. Vazec 2018The theme of the weekend was God our Heavenly Father and we as His children. I truly realised He sees me as His child, not as a slave. I also understood that He surrounds us with His love even when we disobey Him and are sinful. The programme was super great and I enjoyed the discussions the most because in them we could see that God is working in us and changes us continuously. I really enjoyed the unity in the Spirit. I could see the love of God among all of us. It was a very special time for me and I would do it again any time. I am grateful to God for being able to be there, getting to know Him better and meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ.
At the end of the meeting at Važec I could not tell what spoke to me the most during the weekend because there was so much of it. Today I know – I was touched by the loveš of the Father. I grew up knowing that God is love and he love severy person but this knowledge was under a thich layer of, not dust, but meaningless phrases which were not coming from my heart. I am still somehow battling and I do not understand His love to me. Actually, I do not need to understand. When God shows me that He has accepted me as His child, not a slave, that He delights in me because I am His son, I no longer see trivialities – the need to please people, the feeling of insufficiency, useless forms... I guess I am unable to describe everything that spoke to me but I am grateful for it. I will mentioned a few things that were like tailor-made for me – said during these four days either through a person or through the Word of God. I apologise if I misquote some things, but I believe I preserve the thought. "After so many years I am still struggling not knowing if I really serve the Lord or I do things to please people. But... if I did not struggle, would I be a better Christian? Perhaps. Would I love Jesus more? I am not so sure. " "When a baby is small, he is no table to respond back with love, he cannot speak, walk, or even sit. But its father still loves him and knows the baby will once learn all o fit. The father never gives up on him and loves him unconditionally. The spiritual life is the same. " "God will give you no only a place, ministry, but also the boundaries to which you can go." "We are people, we are sinners; we need to confess that even in relationships, in marriage. We are imperfect and the two of us are not enough – we cannot give each other what we truly need. We have to expect all o fit from God;Vazec 2018 He is the only one who can fulfil all our desires." "When people hurt us or give us something other than we have expected, it creates empty places in our hearts, a kind of vacuum. And when we open our heart then, it sucks in everything around it. God wants to fill out every empty space in your heart. Open your heart to Him, do not take in the garbage of the world!"

I am grateful for every single thought; also for being able to understand inductive Bible study more clearly – now I need to find the will to do it on my own and in the small group J All this time, prayers, testimonies, worship, activities, studies... I received it all from God´s hand and I believe I was supposed to be there and receive the word of God into my life. The way back through the beautiful snowy country brought joy and assured me of the goodness of God. I do not want to repeat myself but this weekend kicked me off to a greater speed than I had before. I will gladly return next year.