Universe: chance or purpose?

The first Monday in March a Canadian doctor of philosophy Peter Payne had a lecture in Košice. The topic: “The Origin of Space - a coincidence or an intention”, was very interesting, not just for students of physics. I have been thinking about the origin of the universe many times although my profession is not connected with physics at all. A few days before the event, we invited students at dormitories and the faculties of the university. We offered them a cake and an invitation to a lecture. The responses were very positive in many cases, which we have not expected. Some students who have not yet heard about VBH have shown real interest. I can see that even through this it is possible to see the work of God in the dormitory and in the universities, and especially in the hearts of the students.

As a layman, who previously recognized only the theory of the creation of the world by God - the Creator and the "Big Bang theory", this lecture was of great benefit to me. I really liked Peter's lecture - although he talked about professional matters, he knew how to explain it so that even those who are not experts on this topic were able to understand. He compared 3 scientific theories of the universe origin, of which the Creationist is closest to me, because I believe that God is the creator of this world - as the Bible describes. The lecture was attended by about 80 people! Accordingly, it was obvious that the topic was interesting for students. Besides, it was a very pleasant time in an easy-going atmosphere, we could sit down with friends, have a cake and talk about the origin of the universe and about other things.

It was a very pleasant evening.