How You Can Get Involved - Slovak Students

  • Pray for internationals in your University city
  • Become an advocate for international student work (in your group, share the vision also with churches in your city)
  • Reach out to internationals.

If you are studying in an Erasmus University City:

  • You can become a buddy to an Erasmus student (see
  • You can as a group put on events, especially at the beginning of a semester, to get to know internationals. Organize a social and invite Erasmus students or plan a trip to somewhere culturally or historically interesting, which Erasmus students might have interest joining.

If you are studying in a University city which has lots of Internationals (Bratislava, Martin or Kosice):

  • You can help us start a group if there isn’t one already.
  • You can encourage a group if there already is one (especially if they are small), you can pray regularly for one another.
  • You can join together with social events and bless one another with friendship.

Why not get in touch with us about these things?